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We help churches break growth barriers and without burning out their leaders or compromising their values.

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Why Simple Systems Consulting?

Welcome to Simple Systems Consulting - Your Trusted Partner in Church Growth! At Simple Systems, we are dedicated to helping pastors achieve genuine and sustainable church growth. Our founder, Henry Tolbert, has collaborated with over 100 churches to build powerful systems that maximize impact without compromising on gimmicks.

After years of serving as a church leader in many different roles, I felt an overwhelming call to find a role that allowed me to serve pastors and church leaders everywhere. more specifically, I wanted to help churches see the value of spiritual growth through discipleship.

Over and over again, I would see churches pursue numerical and financial growth, without realizing that if people grew spiritually they could more easily help the church numerically and financially.

After just one year, our team has been able to see more than 2500 people start a discipleship journey through their local church. That's who we are. We're disciple-makers who want to help you and your team become better disciple-makers.

Introducing the Church Systems Bootcamp - Your Gateway to Effective Ministry

This comprehensive program equips pastors with time-tested systems for worship planning, assimilation, evangelism, giver development and more. With our bootcamp, you can grow your church authentically and achieve lasting impact!

  • Develop A Stronger Team To Carry More Responsibility

  • Turn Visitors Into Members More Consistently

  • Onboard New Members And Get Them Active Fast

  • Maximize Your Time So You Can Focus On What's Next

  • Protect The Church By Building Systems That Stay When People Leave

  • Save Money And Increase Revenue By Developing Generous Givers In The Church


Unleash the Potential of Church Systems

Stay at the Forefront of Church Excellence - Embrace Systems! In the digital era, leveraging church systems is essential for staying relevant and reaching your community. Our bootcamp empowers you with cutting-edge strategies to ensure your church thrives, remains focused on the gospel, and avoids gimmicks.

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Real Stories of Church Transformation

Hear Inspiring Stories of Church Transformation! Our bootcamp has empowered countless pastors to witness remarkable growth while staying true to their calling. Discover how church systems have revolutionized ministries and brought genuine impact to communities.

Join the Church Systems Movement!

Ready to Lead Your Church to New Heights? Join the Church Systems Bootcamp and become a part of the movement dedicated to genuine church growth and impactful ministry. Secure your spot now and lead your congregation with confidence and integrity!

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